Memories Of The Moon Landing

This 20 July 1969 file photo released by NASA show

Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. salutes the US flag on the surface of the Moon during the Apollo 11 lunar mission. (NASA/AFP/Getty Images)

Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Before the deluge of Apollo 11 50th anniversary commemorations gets too intense, here’s one more:

I was 13 in July 1969, and not supposed to stay up until midnight, when the first steps on the moon were scheduled. But President Nixon knew a public-relations windfall when he saw one and ordered the event moved up to nine o’clock.

Dereliction Of Duty?
Dereliction Of Duty?
Jon Keller on unfair expectations for the news media.

If you find it hard to understand what an incredible, globally unifying moment this was, no wonder.

Our awe at the technology involved in getting there and televising the landing seems outdated now, in an age when you can watch an idiot eat detergent live from anywhere.

And the pride people all over the world felt in America’s accomplishment also seems like a relic.

When was the last time that happened?

All the 50th anniversary coverage evokes a time when we had big dreams and the sense of purpose and unity to achieve them.

That’s a big part of what being an American means.

So if it all feels a bit antique, maybe that’s a warning sign - that we’re losing something that once made America great.

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