The War Of The Roses

Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — One of Boston’s crown jewels, the Public Garden is under siege.

And you wonder – does anyone have the nerve to do anything about it?

I’m talking about hordes of voracious Eastern cottontail rabbits who’ve been chowing down on the beautiful rose bushes in the nation’s original botanical garden. According to the Globe, more than a hundred bushes have been destroyed by these animals.

The situation is so bad, some of the volunteers who help care for the roses are quitting because they just can’t bear to see the carnage.

“If we don’t solve the rabbit problem, we’re not going to have roses,” one of them tells the Globe. “The roses and the rabbits can’t live together.”

We’ve talked about the rabbit problem here before.

Two years ago, the city’s top animal control official claimed the rabbits were “relatively benign,” that the damage they do to plants is usually “less than what you’ll see for a skunk or squirrel.”

But we now know that was naïve and short-sighted.

In my own garden, the rabbit situation is out of control, and they have zero fear of me or anyone else, especially Buddy the Lab, who will only chase one if her rubber ball rolls near it.

It’s tempting to go after them with heavy artillery, but rabbits are cute and cuddly and they know it.

Going to war with them would not be popular.

So, what to do?

Over at the Public Garden, some want to build expensive fencing to keep them out, but I have a better, cheaper idea.

Plant tape recorders playing congressional proceedings on a loop in the rose bushes.

The rabbits will flee, and it will keep the tourists from messing with the roses too.

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