Message of Business Owners: Never Stop Reinventing Yourself

(L-R) Roger Berkowitz, President & CEO, Legal Sea Foods; Frank Carpenito, President & CEO, Dancing Deer Baking Company; Mark Hannon, Market Manager, CBS Radio Boston; Carolyn Crowley Stimpson, Co-Owner, Polar Beverages; Chris Hill, General Sales Manager, WBZ NewsRadio 1030; Steve Difillippo, Owner, Davio's

BOSTON (CBS) – The secrets of cooking up a successful brand drew a full house to the Sheraton-Boston Friday for the WBZ Business Breakfast.

Every member of the panel this morning agreed: you can never stop re-inventing and re-engineering a successful brand because the competition is doing the same thing.

“Our menus are constantly changing and I think that’s something that businesses have to constantly do. If you have the same menu or same, whatever you’re selling, you did 10 or 15 years ago, you’re probably in trouble.” says Steve DeFillippo, the CEO of Davio’s.

Over at Polar Beverages, Co-owner Carolyn Crowley Stimpson says they are always searching for new flavors and they can turn around a new product in just weeks, something the major competition can’t attain.

Dancing Deer Baking Company CEO Frank Carpenito says it’s all about the “wow factor, that surprise and delight from a company that cares about things the consumer also cares about.”

The CEO of Legal Seafoods, Roger Berkowitz, says he and his staff never stops coming up with new concepts and ideas because after all, that’s the excitement and challenge that brings so many returns to your business.

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