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WBZ Cares is our public service initiative focused on local non-profit entities, events, and causes. Each month WBZ NewsRadio 1030 will select an organization to profile.

Through news stories, public service announcements and guest appearances on NightSide with Dan Rea, we will show the hard work and dedication of our local charities.

WBZ NewsRadio has been a trusted voice in New England for more than 90 years and we would like to work with our listeners to improve the lives of New Englanders in need.

If you would like your charity to be considered, please send us an email.


WBZ NewsRadio 1030 is proud to support the East Boston Social Centers, a non-profit, multi-service agency, serving culturally diverse families and individuals of all ages in East Boston and throughout Greater Boston. Programs offered by the Social Centers are designed to meet people’s educational, social and recreational needs and to build community and strengthen families. They seek to create a welcoming and supportive environment, characterized by a spirit of goodwill and caring, in which members of the community are empowered to lead productive and fulfilling lives.


The Social Centers currently provide fully licensed and accredited childcare for children ages two months through fourteen years, free after-school programming for at-risk teens, summer Playschool day camp, nutritional and social and recreational programming for the elderly, and community space for numerous advocacy, self-help and community groups.

Many of the program staff members are bilingual to better serve the needs of an increasingly diverse area population and all of their programs address, respect, and support the diversity of the children and families they serve.

The Social Centers have enrolled a culturally diverse group of more than 1,000 children, youth, senior citizens and families in its formal programming. The Social Centers also welcome approximately an additional 30,000 people by providing space for meetings and organized community events. They are truly a center for the community.


OUT-OF-SCHOOL-TIME | Affordable After-School Care

The Out-of-School-Time (OST) Program provides high-quality and affordable after school care to a group of approximately 150 children, ages 5 to 14, at two sites in East Boston: Orient Heights and Central Square. Activities support literacy development, problem solving skills, scientific and artistic discovery, and project-based learning. Their choice of activities are based on the following concepts: The child’s needs and interests, understanding of how children learn and develop, and the Massachusetts curriculum framework and learning benchmarks. They offer year-round programming and care, a multicultural curriculum, small and large group homework help, access to computers, field trips, full-day child care during school vacation for those children enrolled during the school year, organized sports, performing arts, special projects, arts and crafts, storytelling, and much more!

EARLY LEARNING PROGRAM | Education During Crucial Developmental Age

At the heart of the Early Learning Program is the desire to provide a safe, educational, and supportive environment for a diverse group of children ages two months to five years. Each of their program centers is licensed and accredited. The professional staff, which includes many bilingual teachers, provides the highest quality care and learning activities for children at this crucial stage in their development. The Social Centers' early learning goals are: to provide a safe, stimulating and educational environment to children, to support and educate families, and to provide the highest-quality service to prepare culturally diverse families for life-long success. They provide transportation and nutritious meals for all of the children in their programs and work to develop the children’s social, emotional, cognitive and self-help skills. The Social Centers' Early Learning Program centers provide children with a top quality early education that will put them on the path to success!


East Boston Social Centers Central Square Summer Program is for children ages (K2)5-14. During the summer their goal is to promote an enriching experience and environment for all participants. Through active and engaging experiences, they provide new opportunities that help support a child’s individuality. Activities are endless and include: daily field trips, swimming, art and culture, physical fitness, science and technology, environmental awareness, literacy, and math.

EAST BOSTON FAMILY ENGAGEMENT NETWORK | Leadership Opportunities For Parents

The East Boston Family Engagement Network (EBFEN) is a longstanding group of agencies, led by Gloria DeVine, who continue to work together to offer programs, services for families and leadership opportunities for parents. They are the largest collaborative group advocating for children and families in East Boston. They currently have 11 Parent Partners and are proud to have the largest and most diverse group of Parent Partners in the city. They work with parents by providing them with leadership opportunities to elevate them within the community. Their Parent Partners are a busy group and do a variety of different activities including: producing and distributing a monthly calendar of activities for families, "Welcome Baby" visits, "Ages & Stages" screenings for children up to 5 years old, "Baby Play" group as well as "Multicultural Days", book swaps, and assisting with the yearly "Kindergarten Parade".

SENIOR PLACE | Keeping the Elderly Active

The Senior Place program helps to keep East Boston’s elderly healthy, active, and connected to their community. Whether they participate in an exercise or dance class or attend program activities every day, the seniors benefit from the companionship and support of their peers and improve the quality of their lives. The overarching goal for Senior Place is to enhance the quality of seniors’ lives and empower seniors by providing information and referral and direct services, socialization and recreational activities. Activities include, regular social activities, supportive visits by seniors to hospitalized or home-bound program participants, arts and crafts projects, health information talks, day or overnight field trips, guest speakers, anti-crime programs, support and grief counseling, weekly dance and exercise classes, community service projects, volunteer opportunities, and special events like the Piers Park picnic, the Mayors’ picnic, Christmas and Valentine parties, and more. The program operates year-round with varying activities each day and high attendance.

BOSTON YOUTH NETWORK | Skills to Succeed

The Boston Youth Network (BYN) is a free after-school program that has served East Boston’s at-risk youth for the past 21 years. BYN provides after school activities for approximately 40 middle school and high school students who live in or attend school in East Boston. The goal of the Youth Network is to give students the skills they need to succeed academically and in life. The Youth Network helps to improve attitudes toward school, increase academic achievement, and improve knowledge of risk factors. Weekly activities include daily homework assistance, arts and crafts, dance & performance, cooking, gym, computer time, yearbook production, as well as prevention workshops involving topics such as teen pregnancy, gang violence, domestic violence, date rape, and more. BYN members also enjoy outdoor games, movies and field trips. Members are motivated to participate in the various activities, to complete their homework every day, and to bring up their grades because many of the field trips require that members have good attendance, daily homework credit, and improved grades. Students who achieve one or more A’s in each grading period are rewarded with a special trip. BYN also monitors participants’ behavior and program staff meets regularly with school officials, teachers, and parents to assess the students’ development in school and at home.


The mission of the East Boston Social Centers, Inc. (EBSC) is to serve the needs of East Boston' children and families and to build community by providing East Bostonians with the services they need and want to build better lives for themselves.




WBZ Cares

WBZ Cares

WBZ Cares is our public service initiative focused on local non-profit entities, events, and causes. Read more


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