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(StrongWater Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center Credit:StrongWater Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center)

WBZ NewsRadio 1030 is proud to support the Strongwater Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center an organization that strives to enrich lives through the healing power of horses. Their mission is to enhance and enrich lives by providing education, social opportunities and emotional support for its communities through equine assisted activities and therapies.


Strongwater Farm was incorporated as a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization on September 4, 1998. Although situated on the site of Tewksbury Hospital, Strongwater Farm is neither part of the hospital nor a state agency and receives no federal or state funding. It was built largely with donations from individuals, businesses, and private charitable foundations.


Strongwater Farms operates a handful of program which include:

After School Enrichment: Time to hit the barn after getting a jump on homework! This unmounted program allows students the opportunity to work with their friends, meet their horses, and discover what it takes to run a barn.

Angels of America’s Fallen:  Strongwater has partnered with “Angels of America’s Fallen” to provide healthy and fun developmental equine activities and services for children through age 18.  Regardless of cause of death of their parent, there is 100% loss to the child.  This program is available immediately at no cost to the family.

Autism Rides:  The Autism Rides Program provides small groups allowing participants the opportunity to develop new skills, knowledge and problem-solving abilities, build relationships, increase attention, communication, responsiveness and willingness to follow instruction, engage with a sensory stimulating environment, enhance motor skills and coordination, and improve self-esteem.

Change of Lead: A program which provides a new purpose for individuals struggling with substance abuse as they learn skills, help other individuals, and interact with horses.  Individuals establish a foundation of recovery and begin to function effectively in their families, bringing self-worth and confidence back into their lives.

Freedom Riders:  Veterans’ and their families are welcome, at no charge, to participate in weekly activities.  Participant’s may partake in individual or group sessions based upon independent needs.  Strongwater provides Equine Services for Heroes under the auspices of PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship).

Home School Program: They welcome the opportunity to share with home school students the functions of running an equestrian center.  This program offers students math, reading, health & nutrition, care and responsibilities in maintaining the well being of horses.  Additionally, students will learn grooming, anatomy eventually incorporating riding as part of their studies.

Horse and Human Arts Program: This is a holistically-developed program that ties in hands-on, unmounted activities with specially designed multimedia art projects.  Participants with a variety of diagnoses including PTSD, Alzheimer’s, addiction recovery and more may participate.  Participants have seen a wide variety of benefits, including but not limited to: improved posture, increased eye contact, vocabulary and speech skills as well as relaxation.

Hospice:  Families and loved ones in need of comfort deserve the benefits of their equine companions.  Upon arrival, participants are encouraged to touch, listen, groom, hug and possibly ride based upon medical authorization.

MS: Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies: This program consists of a 7 week session of small group mounted and unmounted activities.  The natural movement of the horse has been proven to simulate the human walking gait, while stimulating neurons.  It can also lead to improvements in body awareness, balance, coordination and muscle control.

Pegasus Employee Assistance: This day-long or weekend workshop combines simple tools of self-care and the opportunity to be with horses in a beautiful environment. Participants learn to apply tools of relaxation, mindfulness, and creative expression experienced in this workshop to other parts of their life, including their work.

Special Olympics Equestrian Team: Certified Coaches for Special Olympic Equestrian Team compete each year in equestrian games!

Stable Friendship: This 7 week, hands-on unmounted program works with elementary and middle school-aged children.  It provides the human/animal bond that teaches youngsters how to care and respect another living being while also designed to foster emotional and behavioral change and growth for children facing adversity in their community.  Using their horses will provide an excellent model for teaching boundaries, self-awareness, and building effective communication tools in a fun and inspiring context.

Strides in Reminiscing:  Participants in this program have been diagnosed with a neurological disorder such as Alzheimer, Dementia, MS and other related diagnosis. Their purpose is to improve the autonomy and self-esteem, communication skills, strength and balance capabilities, and socialization opportunities.  The consistency of equine assisted activities with participants carry over between weeks enabling a potential 90%  improvement in the following areas:  trust and self-esteem, communication, socialization and relationship building.  The calming effect of Strongwater’s environment allows participants to decompress obtaining quiet fulfillment which then carries through into their home environment.

Therapeutic Riding:  Their experienced team of instructors provide challenging individualized lesson plans for each participant.  Participants will learn beginner to advanced riding skills enhancing core strength, balance and coordination, improved fine and gross motor skills, increased focusing ability, and self-esteem.

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy:  For some people, sitting in an office and talking with a therapist proves too difficult for a variety of reasons.  For this reason, Strongwater provides individuals with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy or “EFP.” Whether one is suffering from symptoms of depression, anxiety, and/or grief,

Tiny Tots: A specially designed riding program for little ones ages 4-6 years old, focusing on attention, memory, patterns, numbers and colors while increasing balance and coordination.  The interaction with horses, staff and other children builds social skills necessary for developing healthy relationships.


To enhance and enrich lives by providing education, social opportunities and emotional support for its communities through equine assisted activities and therapies.




WBZ Cares

WBZ Cares

WBZ Cares is our public service initiative focused on local non-profit entities, events, and causes. Read more


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