WBZ Cares: The Boston Youth Network For Teens

East Boston Social Centers (Photo Credit: East Boston Social Centers/Facebook)

East Boston Social Centers (Photo Credit: East Boston Social Centers/Facebook)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Each month, “WBZ Cares” highlights a worthy non-profit organization and tells the story of what that organization does for the community. This month WBZ is profiling East Boston Social Centers, a multi-service agency serving East Boston and other communities.

The Boston Youth Network for teenagers at the East Boston Social Centers is run by Jason Torrey.

“We like to focus in on the three ‘E’s’. Education; Making sure that we understand that education is a pathway to get from point A to point B. Employment; Understanding that jobs and careers are critically important to fast and forward developing young people. Economic Security; I would like to say that is the one I wish somebody would have taught me when I was coming up. Just, you know, how to save money, what it looks like to have a checking account, a savings account,” Torrey outlined.

Torrey says the youth program provides an alternative place for teens to go.

“They all kind of wanna have a place to hang out, without having to go to, you know, maybe a mall that’s a little far off, or they don’t wanna hop on the train, so it’s within walking distance for a lot of people. But it just provides an outlet, right? A healthy outlet. They come here, they can learn something, grab a quick bite to eat afterschool, hang out with their friends. Get some face to face interaction with people as opposed to just be their cell phones or the internet,” Torrey said.

It's an open-door program.

“That’s kinda what makes us unique is that we’re always here to serve people. Right? Doesn’t matter what your status is, where you’re from, what your country of origin is, what your first language is, if we can be of service then that’s what we are here for. I think that’s what makes it unique, that’s what makes it special,” Torrey stated.

He says the East Boston Social Centers wants to help teens achieve their goals.

“Every young person has a passion, has a desire to do something. And we try to say that if you come through these doors, we’re going to try and help you identify what that is and help you get to the next level with whatever it is,” Torrey concluded.

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