Marshfield Cat Shot, Owners Searching For Answers

MARSHFIELD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — A cat was shot by someone with a BB gun in Marshfield—and police are trying to find out who did it.

Gunner, a Savannah Breed cat who looks like a small leopard, is usually full of energy and his family even puts him on a leash for walks.

But Thursday morning, he wasn’t his usual self, says owner Kristen Chesna.

“At seven, when I went to call him. Usually he wakes me up by crying at the door. But he didn’t wake me up,” Chesna said. “So I went up, called him, he didn’t come. So I just left my door open. And then, of a sudden he came in with a little cry, and looked really weird, was walking funny.”

Gunner’s ailment remained unknown, as Chesna tried to find what was bothering him.

“I was looking at his fur to see if I could see blood, if I could see if he hurt his leg,” Chesna said. “My instant thought was that he got hit by a car, because I live on a main road.”

Chesna and her daughter took Gunner to the vet.

“As we were pulling in, my daughter was holding him in her lap in the car and she noticed, she’s like, ‘mom, there’s a little bit of blood on the side of him,’” Chesna said. “And she goes, “it looks like maybe something bit him or something.’”

They got their final answer at the vet’s office.

“But we couldn’t really tell with his fur, because his fur is very spotted and distinct,” Chesna said. “So, when we got there, we showed them the spot, and they shaved it and then they said it was like a perfect circle. And then they did an X-Ray and they saw the bullet.”

Gunner is undergoing surgery for his injuries.

Chesna filed a report about the incident. Authorities in Marshfield tell WBZ NewsRadio that the incident is under investigation by Police and Animal Control.

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