Amphibian Lovers Help Frogs, Salamanders Cross The Road In Littleton

Foto: WBZ NewsRadio \ Madison Rogers

LITTLETON, Mass. (WBZNewsRadio) — Amphibian lovers gathered in the rain Monday night to help their sticky-toed friends cross the road.

The group gathered after dark at Fort Pond Road in Littleton for the 5th annual Amphibian Crossing Brigade. During the first warm, rainy nights of every year, frogs and salamanders migrate back to the vernal pools where they were born, and cars pose a serious threat if their paths cross a road.

"We're out here trying to move the frogs and salamanders that are crossing the road to get to their breeding areas, so they don't get killed," Amy Green, a wetland ecologist and conservation agent, told WBZ's Madison Rogers.

Green has organized the Amphibian Crossing Brigade for the last five years. Most of the people who showed up with flashlights and safety vests aren't scientists, just looking to do some good and get their hands on nature.

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Scott Smyers, a biologist with Oxbow Associates, found a spotted salamander in their search and gave it a boost across the road.

"A lot of biologists are concerned younger people don't have an appreciation for biology and wouldn't want to adventure outside at night in the rain so it's good to see it," Smyers said.

There will likely be more migration this weekend, and the mission continues.

WBZ's Madison Rogers (madisonwbz) has more:

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