Boston Student Puts Tickets With Positive Messages On Cars

Photo: WBZ NewsRadio / Matt Shearer

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Getting a parking ticket doesn't feel great, but what if it's really a compliment?

WBZ's Matt Shearer met up with the man behind the positive affirmation tickets.

Ethan LeBlanc put nearly 800 fake parking tickets on cars around Boston over the weekend.

The tickets had messages like "you look great today," "you are kind," "I believe in you," and "nothing can stand in your way."

LeBlanc, a local art student, told WBZ's Matt Shearer he created the tickets as a part of a school project to distribute printed art.

The tickets did have mixed reactions both online and in person.

"A couple people have been like this is a terrible way to spread positivity liking making someone think their day is ruined with a parking ticket," LeBlanc said.

"I didn't want anyone to think this was about causing panic or upsetting someone's day," he said. "I just want to take any opportunity I can get to bring people together and do something nice to make someone's day even if it's in a small scale."

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