Century Old Postcard Resurfaces Of A Very Futuristic Orange, Massachusetts

Photo: WBZ NewsRadio \ Matt Shearer

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Orange you glad you came to Orange?

WBZ's Matt Shearer took a trip to Orange, Massachusetts to see if the town looked as futuristic as a century-old postcard once predicted.

The old postcard entitled, "Orange, Mass. in the future," recently resurfaced online. The postcard, supposedly dating back to 1910, was full of images of flying bicycles and monorails in the sky hovering over the town of Orange.

Shearer asked some residents if they thought the town they know and love resembled the postcard's depiction.

"Well it sure [doesn't] look like that," one resident told Shearer with a laugh.

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Another man said while it doesn't look like that now, he could see the town heading that way in the future.

"No, I think we will get there eventually," he said.

Even without the flying trains, Orange residents seem happy with the town just the way it is.

"If you wanna have fun this is your town, it's a nice little friendly town," said Dana.

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