New Englanders Are Asking One Chain To Bring Back The Beloved Potato Skins

Photo: WBZ NewsRadio \ Matt Shearer

WOBURN, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Where are the potato skins? That's the big question New Englanders are asking after the beloved appetizer disappeared from the Ninety Nine's menu.

Kevin from Woburn came to WBZ's Matt Shearer in hope of answers as to where his favorite potato dish went. In February 2022, the Woburn-based chain announced they would be getting all of their potato products exclusively from Maine. Just a few months later, the signature "outrageous potato skins" went missing.

"They say there's 99 reasons you'll always come back for more, now there's 98," Kevin told Shearer.

He spoke with another frustrated customer who believed it should have been a group decision.

"They should get a consensus before they start eliminating stuff," one Massachusetts man said.

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The cause of the disappearance was later discovered. In May 2022, the Ninety Nine lost their potato supplier after an industrial fire left the potato plant up in flames. Instead of finding a new potato place in Maine, the New England restaurant decided to take it off the menu and replace it with loaded tater tots.

"I've been going to the 99 [for] 40 years, I don't go anymore [and] I have a gift card," an upset former customer said.

While the great potato mystery has been solved, it doesn't stop some New Englanders from feeling salty about the outrageous potato skins they once had.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (MattWBZ) has more:

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