New Hampshire Lawmakers Talk Lifting Ban On Some "Street-Fighting" Weapons

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CONCORD, New Hampshire (WBZ NewsRadio) — Some "street-fighting" weapons might be making their way back to New Hampshire.

Lawmakers at the New Hampshire State House are considering a bill to lift a ban on some weapons including metallic knuckles, blackjack, and slung shots. If passed, the bill would allow the "street fighting" weapons to be legally owned, carried, and sold.

Brass knuckles are legal in 12 states in the United States. They are illegal in most of New England, excluding Connecticut where they are legal with a permit or license. Despite their legal status, it is illegal to carry them concealed, according to World Population Review.

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20 states have made brass knuckles illegal. While they are not illegal in 16 states, they do require a permit or license to own, similar to Connecticut, WPR said.

Carrying a blackjack and slug shot is typically illegal or heavily restricted in most states. In Massachusetts, a shotgun shell loaded with a slug is only allowed for hunters during the open seasons when deer can be hunted with a shotgun, the official website of Massachusetts said.

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