Day One Of MBTA Orange Line Shutdown: Shuttle Passengers Give Reviews

Photo: WBZ NewsRadio \ Suzanne Sausville

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Day one of the Orange Line month-long shutdown began on Saturday, putting the alternative shuttle system to the test.

WBZ's Suzanne Sausville took the shuttle Saturday afternoon from Forest Hill station to Green Street station and back, talking with passengers and drivers about their experience so far. The passengers she spoke with had positive things to say about their shuttle rides.

"So not a ton of people on there, but you know they're nicely air conditioned, they're comfortable to sit in, it's a nice experience," Emily, a Boston resident that lives near Forest Hill station said. While she doesn't commute to work on the Orange Line, she uses it to go to the grocery store and doctors appointments.

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The shuttle system will be truly be put to test on Monday when the Orange Line is at it's busiest with commuters who typically take the T to work.

"I'm just thanking the guys that are driving these buses, that are working on the tracks, that are making sure people are getting [where they need to be] to the best of their ability," said Emily.

Drivers from other states have come to help drive the shuttles while the shutdown is in place. Suzanne's shuttle drivers were from Illinois and Pennsylvania and both told her they are staying for the entire month.

Suzanne said the busses seemed to be running smoothly and reviewed the seats as very comfortable during her ride.

"I'm very confident that the shuttle service is going to be very good," said Bill, a frequent Orange Line rider. He says the shuttle's seats and air conditioning is a step up from his normal T commute.

"And of course there is a hidden plus, and that is there's no charge for the service. I can just hop on and off the buses all I want," said Bill.

MBTA shuttles are free to ride while the Orange Line is out of service.

WBZ's Suzanne Sausville (wbzSausville) reports:

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