Patriot Place Axe Throwing Club With Self-Serve Beer And Wine

Photo: Courtesy of Crazy Axes

FOXBOROUGH, Mass (WBZ NewsRadio) — When people hear 'axe throwing and alcohol' it raises some eyebrows. One axe-throwing club opening at Patriot Place was able to get a liquor license, but have some unusual protocols to keep patrons safe while they toss the axe.

Crazy Axes received their liquor license in August, but in order to get a drink, the select board approved an access card method for axe-throwers, similar to an arcade card, WBZ's Suzanne Sausville said.

Photo: Courtesy of Crazy Axes

"It's not much different than being at a Mcdonald's or another fast food restaurant where you go up and pour your own soda," David Kulikowski, Co-Owner of Crazy Axes said.

Axe-throwers get a card that gives them access to two drinks at the beer and wine station provided. They insert the card at the station and that is what activates it and allows them to receive a drink.

"You'll have a set number of pours at a specific amount of ounces," Kulikowski said. "The system will be monitored by a tap master standing at the wall."

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After customers get both of their drinks the card shuts off and a staff member must approve another drink in order to replenish the card.

The Patriot Place location plans to open in December for axe-throwers to responsibly drink while throwing the old axe around.

WBZ's Suzanne Sausville (wbzSausville) has more:

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