Report: Rhode Island Incorrectly Tolled Nearly 1,800 Passenger Cars

Photo: Getty Images

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The truck-only toll network in Rhode Island has reportedly charged at least 1,800 cars, according to a new report published in the Providence Journal.

State transportation officials told The Hummel Report that at least 1,800 cars were charged by the system. Peter Alviti, Director of the State Transportation Department, told the non-profit news organization he's aware of the problem and has been for months.

The issue, Alviti said, is that when a car is in close proximity to a tractor-trailer, the car will very occasionally get charged instead of the truck.

About 1,800 people reported being charged, but Alviti acknowledged that the real number may be higher than that if they aren't noticing the billing. Still, he said the system had processed 19 million transactions since it went live in 2018.

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