Study: Teenagers Are Not Getting The Daily Exercise They Need

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Sports like soccer, volleyball, football, cross country, and cheerleading have some Boston Public School students working out on a daily basis this fall... but the student-athletes do not make up for the majority.

A study from the World Health Organization published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health journal said less than 20 percent of teenagers aged 11 to 17 are getting the exercise they need. The WHO said the study was the first to show global trends for adolescents' insufficient physical activity stating "urgent action" is needed.

The study found that more than 80 percent of teenagers globally did not meet exercise recommendations, 85 percent of girls and 78 percent of boys.

"They need someone to tell them to the purpose and the value of exercise and start them at an early age," Zulu, 67, told WBZ's James Rojas regarding the lack of teenagers exercising. "I know if you don't exercise your body [will] shrink, your body will go to sleep, it becomes stagnant you know."

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A lack of exercise can lead to energy imbalance and can possibly increase the risk of becoming overweight or obese, according to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The study said teenagers should be getting at least one hour of moderate to vigorous exercise a day. The CDC recommends that daily exercise should be a mix of aerobic, bone-strengthening, and muscle-strengthening physical activity.

"Make it a part of your daily routine, I come out here like two mornings a week and on Sunday," Richard from Cambridge said mid pull-up.

He suggests teenagers should start small with one or two pull-ups and work their way up over time.

Regular physical activity can help teenagers improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, according to the CDC.

WBZ's James Rojas (JamesRojasNews) has more:

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