Wrentham Police Call Boys 'Wicked Smaht' For Actions After Finding Grenade

Photo: Courtesy of Wrentham Police

WRENTHAM, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Wrentham Police are commending two Wrentham boys for their "wicked smaht" judgment when they came across an alarming object while out hiking.

12-year-old Kevin Castaneda and Jackson Allen were on a hiking trail on Wednesday when they spotted a pile of trash. When inspecting the debris, the boys discovered a hand grenade was thrown in the mix, Wrentham Police said.

Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath took to Facebook, to applaud the "wicked smaht" boys and their good judgment. Castaneda and Allen did not touch the grenade, took a photo of it, made a mental note of where they found it, and headed home to get an adult.

Photo: Courtesy of Wrentham Police

"And this is where the “SMAHT” comes in! Perhaps, I’m underestimating the average kids. More likely, I’m conceding to what me and my friends would likely have done when we were 12, had WE made this discovery. I’m afraid NOT so smaht back then. But these two guys were different. Kevin and his friend Jackson DID NOT give in to “kid curiosity “. They DID NOT give it a little “test push” with their foot and DID NOT pick that grenade up for closer inspection. Ya’ know…to see if it was real…or maybe a toy," Chief McGrath wrote on Facebook. "These boys used their noggins! They resisted that curious impulse and DID NOT touch it! They put into action those words, that phrase, from a national campaign encouraging all of us to “SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING “when it just doesn’t look right, just doesn’t look safe, looks suspicious."

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Wrentham Police and Fire Department and the Bomb Squad later went to the scene and found that the grenade was real.

Chief McGrath said while it was real, it had been hollowed out making it harmless, but that was something the boys could not have known by looking at it.

"Had that grenade been live, had Kevin and Jackson caved to curiosity, this story would be tragic. But thankfully, two wicked smaht kids did the right thing and we all benefit from the lesson, for ourselves to share with and educate our own kids," said Chief McGrath.

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