Meet Chris Citorik

Chris Citorik, a former high school history teacher, has been working at WBZ News Radio since 2008. Initially hired as a Production Assistant, he was soon working on special projects and other production assignments both at the station and out in the field. During his time as a producer, Chris worked on production pieces for major news events such as Senator Ted Kennedy’s funeral, and produced multiple award-winning submissions for the annual Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards. He also produced remote mobile broadcasts from locations around the region including gubernatorial debates, the Boston marathon finish line, the New Hampshire primary, and NightSide with Dan Rea’s “Talk The Vote” series.

Chris has been working as Executive Producer of NightSide with Dan Rea for five years, during which time he has worked with Governors, Senators, Mayors, Representatives, professors, industry experts, and others to create entertaining and informative content for the show.

He began hosting his own talk show “Up Front with Chris Citorik” Sunday nights 9pm-midnight in November 2015. He lives on the North Shore with his wife Anne, his son Evan, his dog Kaylee and his cat Toby.

Chris is a die-hard Boston sports fan, and enjoys camping, hiking, playing sports and his guitar.

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