Meet Morgan White Jr

Morgan White Jr. has been a fill-in host on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 since 1996.Prior to this, his Talking Trivia radio program featured Morgan and callers exchanging questions; prizes a massive collection of TV, radio and movie themes; classic commercials; plus interviews with the major pop culture celebrities of the past five decades.

The Man from TRIVIA is the professional billing of Morgan White Jr. White is well known as one of the premiere trivia experts in the nation and one of only a handful of persons who devote their full time to the field of trivia.

Morgan has also hosted several television shows including Studio 62 East at WMFP-TV in Boston and he has appeared on all nine of Boston’s television outlets through the years. He is also a commercial actor and can be seen in advertisements on the Cartoon Network, FOX SportsNet, and Fidelity, among others.

Morgan has been dedicated to his multi-faceted career since 1980. He currently travels throughout New England and beyond with his live stage show, performing at clubs, conventions, and private events. Morgan was asked to entertain the crowd at the Barbary Coast in Las Vegas during the Patriots/Carolina Super Bowl in 2004.

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