Pit Bull Captured After Attacking Amesbury Officer

AMESBURY (WBZ-AM) -- A pitbull that had been on the loose in Amesbury this weekend has been recaptured, and police do not plan to file charges against the dog's owner.

The dog had attacked Amesbury Police Officer Lauren Tironee as she responded to a medical call at a home on Sunday morning.

"There was an incident this morning involving a violent and extremely aggressive Pitbull in the area of Whitehall Road," Amesbury Police wrote on their Facebook page Sunday morning. 

They warned the public not to approach the brown dog. They also said to stay away from Woodson Farm, a nearby dog-walking spot, because it had been closed due to safety concerns.

Fellow responding officer Scott Peters used an electric shock device on the dog, but it escaped.

Sgt. Michael Purvis told WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Mike Macklin that the dog's owner tracked it down and caputured it Monday morning.

"The owner corralled it this morning," Sgt. Purvis said. "He was able to locate it in that general area. I'm sure that the dog was scared. They did put traps out, they were unable to trap it."

The dog is quarantined to a small enclosure in the backyard of its home.

"When he is outside, the dog has to be muzzled at all times," Sgt. Purvis said. "When he takes it for a walk, when that restriction comes off, he'll have to be muzzled and he'll have to have it on a four-foot leash."

Police said Officer Tironee did not require medical attention, and so they did not expect to file charges against the dog's owner.

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