State Reviews Electric Utility Storm Response

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) Electric utilities are being asked by the state to explain why it took so long for some people to get power restored after last month’s nor'easter.

The Department of Public Utilities has told both Eversource and National Grid to file reports by December on their response to the nor'easter that hit just before Halloween, including the steps they took to be prepared.

Barry Finehold, a former state lawmaker and attorney who wrote the legislation mandating fines against utilities fail to respond quickly after a power outage says national grid needs to be called on the carpet.  

He too was among thousands in the Merrimack Valley who was without power for four days and would like to know what happens before the winter storms arrive in the area.

“National Grid just was not prepared for what was considered not bad of a storm and if we got it really hard I would be very concerned it would be weeks or months before we could get power back on,” he said.

Finegold pushed for department of public utilities investigation and that is underway.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karyn Regal reports.

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