Tips For Cyber Monday

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) – Cyber Monday has arrived and folks nationwide are waking up and jumping on the internet looking for online deals.

It doesn't get much easier than getting your gifts online. The hype has hit a fevered pitch.

Shoppers just might be tempted to fill that cyber shopping cart until its overflowing, but cyber-shopping expert Tray Bodge recommends taking it slow.

“My recommendation would be to focus on those categories that are deeply discounted around this time try not to do all of your shopping,” she said.

Bodge says that category includes small and large electronics and video games as well as small kitchen appliances. 

Fall apparel companies are looking to unload at this time of year will also be deeply discounted.  

As for other items you might be tempted to buy on impulse, The experts say a little time looking around and comparing prices can add up to big savings.

This is not the last chance you'll have to get a good deal on the right gift whatever the hype might lead you to believe.

Shopping can even get cheaper if you just get a little help.

“I love browser extension, you plug them into your [web] browser and you shop as you normally would and then it will pop up and give you a notification like Gift Card Granny,” she said 

“They will actually give you a little pop-up to let you know if there’s a discounted gift card at a store you may be looking at,” she said.

Other highly recommended extensions are "Gumball" or "Honey" which will tell you if there's a coupon for the site you're shopping on

 "Invisible Hand" will compares prices of the items you're looking at across dozens of stores to make sure you are indeed getting the best possible cyber-Monday deal.

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