Boston Area Legal Expert Weighs In On Matt Lauer Firing

BOSTON ( WBZ-AM) -- Matt Lauer's termination from "The Today Show on NBC apparently took his coworkers by surprise.  

They network says it took action  just over a day after first being presented with accusations against the popular host.

Philip Gordon of Philip Gordon Law Group, a prominent Boston employment attorney who has seen a lot of workplace sexual harassment cases.

He believes the network had to be presented with compelling evidence and says when an employee has been found to have prayed on co-workers,  the investigation follows a familiar pattern.

"You either have lots of he said she said stories to the point where you almost cannot ignore it or you have the independent physical collaborating evidence or hard evidence of e-mails, or text messages or pictures, " he said.

Gordon says a company typically doesn't need to meet a legal burden of guilt when deciding to terminate an employee but notes NBC has far too much of an investment in both financial and human term to make this decision lightly.

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