What's Coming Up On NightSide With Dan Rea 12/1/2017

Dan Rea

NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for December 1, 2017
  Marisa DeFranco is in for Dan 

Do Women’s Lives Matter?  Amongst the myriad of racial injustices that receive frequent media coverage, the spotlight on women being murdered pale in comparison. To illustrate this fact, based on recent homicide statistics of unarmed black men killed by police to women being murdered, the result is that 17 times more women were murdered than unarmed black men. And yesterday, an undocumented immigrant was acquitted in the murder of Kathryn Steinle. Does this injustice not warrant the same attention, if not more? Immigration lawyer Marisa DeFranco will cover society’s apathy of this particular issue. Call in and voice your thoughts!

Uprooting Sexual Harassment!  We have been seeing an influx of sexual harassment allegations from Hollywood to politics to media, and the institutionalized sexist behavior that were draped are now fully unveiled. But, in no thanks to women in the United States House and Senate, whom have sat idly by, letting taxpayers foot the hush funds to sweep away their fellow politicians “misconduct.” Marisa has been on the front line defending distressed women and will highlight the SCUMS, or Secret Congressional Uber Misogynistic Settlements, amongst the bevy of male transgressions. Call in with your take and be heard!

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