Teacher Puts Tom Brady Photo on Crossing Walk Sign

(Photo Credit: Sam Balto/ Twitter)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Is that Tom Brady in the crosswalk?

You're not seeing things, if you're driving through Roxbury.

A local elementary school teacher and a city based non-profit promoting walking safety, have teamed up to encourage drivers to slow down by using a cutout photo of the sport's icon's face on top of a crosswalk sign

It is a creative approach to raise awareness to drivers as there are lots of students walking to three to four schools Ellis Elementary School on Walnut Street.

Brendan Kearney, communications director with Walk-Boston says Sam Balto, a gym teacher at Ellis Elementary school reached outout to them first.

"That was something I was spit-balling and we had mentioned it while we were on a walk audit over the summer...we had noticed that a lot of drivers weren't yielding to parents and students that were crossing that crosswalk, it's right in front of the school on Walnut Ave and drivers were going pretty fast on Walnut Ave," he said.

Kearny says the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and that they have noticed drivers slowing down.

"It's been an overwhelming positive reactions. Smiling students. People were slowing down and taking a minute and recognize that you should slow down, especially when you're around a school so if Tom Brady help to make that happen...then it's a great thing. " he said. 

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