Making The Holidays Happen: The Best Deals

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Some folks believe that the longer you wait to go Christmas shopping the sweeter the deals. And at one time I did think they were correct.

There are so many good deals right now for the stores have been having sales since October so I am not so sure waiting pays off like it once did. Shopping on Thanksgiving I think takes away the true meaning of the holiday which was not intended for folks to get the best deal at midnight. But the deals did happen and then there was Black Friday and Cyber Monday and a week filled with more sales.

And if you normally shop on line and think it’s too late because you missed Cyber Monday fear not.

There are still plenty of good deals to be had. Monday the 11th is Green Monday. It’s a retailing term describing the best sales day in December. So, start looking for sales over the weekend and order on Monday. This is the third largest internet shopping day of the year.

If you order by next Friday December 15th, you can still get the item for Christmas. Many merchants are offering free shipping with delivery by Christmas Eve.

I know many of you have done your shopping and have everything wrapped and are feeling very smug. As you should. But there are still individuals out there that wait to shop. Or in some cases, many of you may have followed my advice earlier this week and now have some money to go shopping.

The stores are having big sales right now to get you to come in and shop. They don’t want merchandise left for the January sales. So, by procrastinating, you may have done yourself a favor as far as saving money but I'm not sure about the stress level that occurs when you wait!

The stores will be open the next two weekends with long hours and the chain drug stores will even be open Christmas morning so if you really wait until the last minute you can still get something for everyone on your list.

One more thing:  Beware of the Santa Syndrome, which is a shoppers' disease that happens most often around Christmas. We don’t know if what we bought is enough. So we go out and buy more! Don’t do it!

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