North Attleboro Waitress Gets Enormous Tip

NORTH ATTLEBORO, MA (WBZ-AM) – The spirit of the holidays sometimes works in mysterious ways bringing quite a happy surprise to a waitress

That’s what Kay Lewis, a student and waitress at T.G.I Friday's found out a week ago. She tells WBZ-TV that a family left her huge tip…a two-hundred-thirty-six dollar tip on a sixty-dollar bill.

“I was just in shock, everyone was in shock and was screaming and it was just a great moment,” she said.

Lewis says that she plans on using the money to buy Christmas presents and to share that same feeling to others.

“All this week and probably for the rest of my life I’m always going to try doing something to make people feel like the way I felt,” she said.

According to Lewis, the family that left the big tip just said “happy holidays” and went off into the pre-Christmas night.

WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Carl Steven’s reports

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