Testimony Continues In Caribbean Festival Murder Trial

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) – There will be more testimony Tuesday on the trial of two men charged with murder in the shooting death of an innocent bystander at The Caribbean Festival in Dorchester Three years ago.

Prosecutor Mark Lee told the jury that defendants Keith Williams and Wesson Colas got into a gun fight as families gathered to enjoy the parade at the Caribbean Festival in 2014 killing 26-year-old social worker Dawn Jaffier by a stray bullet.

“These two men decided on their own to take a section of Blue Hill Avenue as their very own,” Lee said.

Even though they were allegedly shooting at each other Williams and colas are being tried together, both charged with murder.

Under Commonwealth law ruled in 1997 states that when two or more people are engaged in a gun battle and another party is shot, then those involved in the gun battle can all be charged in the death, regardless of who fired the fatal shot.

During the trial on Monday Dawn’s friend, Talia Hyatt, tearfully talked about her holding her friend as she died.

“She was just lying there on the ground so I ran back…and I saw that she got shot…I just sat there holding her head,” Hyatt said.

WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Carl Stevens reports.

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