Cars Hit By Errant Rounds In Tyngsboro

tyngsboro damage photos

(Tyngsboro Police Department)

TYNGSBORO (WBZ-AM) -- Police are reminding hunters to be careful after two incidents in which vehicle windows appeared to have been damaged by firearms.

Tyngsboro Police Chief Richard Howe said officers were called to Cannongate Road on Saturday for a vandalism complaint after a vehicle had a window smashed.

"Two days later, the same person who had called the original vandalism complaint called back and stated that, when they were having the window fixed, what appeared to be a bullet was located on the opposite side of the vehicle," Howe said.

Chief Howe said police were called back Monday, and found a shotgun slug lodged in the frame of the passenger side window.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, officers were called to A.S.A.P. Fire and Safety Corporation on Progress Avenue, roughly a mile away, where a company van's driver's side and passenger side windows were damaged.

The damage appeared to be caused by a bullet, but Howe said no rounds were found.

"We've looked at the mapping, and where the rounds would have come from," Chief Howe said. "They would have both come from hunting areas."

Howe says it's extremely fortunate that nobody was hurt in either incident.

"Clearly, these are dangerous situations," he said. "First of all, they're not hitting their target, but they're shooting toward populated areas, whether they're buildings, vehicles, businesses. That's always unacceptable."

Police reminded hunters to always positively identify their targets, keep a safe distance from roads, buildings, and populated areas, be aware of what is behind their target, and wear highly visible clothing.

When handling firearms, they reminded hunters not to touch the trigger until they are ready to shoot, and to treat all firearms as if they are loaded. 

Howe said most responsible hunters recognize and follow the rules--but said they should be sure to familiarize themselves with local and state hunting laws, which can be read here.

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