Sororities Object To Harvard's Police On Single-Sex Clubs

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) - Three Harvard University sororities are objecting to a school policy that bans students in single-gender clubs from holding campus leadership positions.

The women in a joint letter to Harvard President Drew Faust say their organizations are unfairly being punished for the wrongdoings of men-only clubs.

The statement argues the sanctions will undermine the choices available to Harvard women.

The sororities say the policy forces "women to choose between the opportunity to have supportive, empowering women-only spaces and external leadership opportunities.

"The university's governing board last week approved a May 2016 rule saying students who join single-gender clubs are forbidden from leading campus groups or serving as sports team captains. 

The rule also says the university, based in Cambridge, won't back those students for major scholarships.

A university spokeswoman refused comment.

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