Local Politicans React To GOP Tax Reform Vote

BOSTON (WBZ-AM 27/7 News Source/AP) -- The Senate is expected to approve the big Republican tax bill tonight after earlier passage by the House.  

President Trump could get the sweeping package of reforms and tax cuts Wednesday.  The House approved the final bill on a party-line vote of 227-203.  

However, Democrats say 3 provisions in GOP tax bill violate Senate rules and will be removed, forcing House to revote on Wednesday.

The GOP bill slashes corporate tax rates from 35- to 21-percent.  Republicans insist that tax cuts will benefit all income classes, but Democrats say it will primarily boost the wealthy.  It is estimated that the GOP tax bill will add more than one-trillion dollars to the federal deficit over a decade. 

Locally in Boston, both local politicians and the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation expressed their disappointment towards the vote.

Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin tells WBZ NewsRadio1030 that the Republican Tax Plan will hurt homeowners in the Commonwealth. 

“This bill, if it becomes law, will be terrible for many Massachusetts families. Particularly in cities and towns like Newton and Brookline, where property tax bills alone regularly exceed $10,000, families will be seeing higher tax bills,” Galvin said. 

He said that he will also look into legal challenges.

In a statement Congressman Seth Moulton said if the GOP are proud of their bill then it the American public should take a full review.

"If they were proud of their bill, they would have let it stand up to public scrutiny through the normal Congressional process of hearings and debate--something Speaker Paul Ryan promised the Congress and the American people when he was sworn in. Instead, the only voices who had real input were the biggest GOP donors. This tax bill is a threat to the economy and our national security. The way it is being passed is a threat to our democratic government," Moulton said. 

"A decade from now, Americans will look back on this day as one of the darkest days in Congressional history. Republicans are jamming a tax bill down all our throats without a single hearing, zero bipartisan input, and without listening at all to the American families and small businesses it will ruin. This partisan bill gives a permanent tax cut to the largest corporations and richest GOP donors, paid for by the middle class. Over the next few years, while the wealthiest see more money in their pockets, the majority of American families will see their taxes increase, paychecks go down, and healthcare costs go up. That's why the American people oppose the bill 2:1." Moulton said. 

Massachusetts Senator Edward J. Markey spoke out on the Tax Bill from the Senate floor.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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