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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- All of these suggestions for tipping are all optional on your part. If you have not received good service then do not feel obligated to give a tip. And if money is tight this year because of your job situation tipping shouldn’t be high on your Christmas list.

And what if you have a Nanny, Au Pair or a babysitter? This can get tricky for these people are taking care of your kids in your home! Rule of thumb, one week’s pay! So if the kid next door sits once or twice a week give her a gift certificate to Forever 21 for that amount.

Some of the guides upped the ante for Nannies and Au Pairs. They suggested two weeks of pay and more if they have been working for you for over 2 years. So if your nanny has really given you outstanding service, stayed late on the nights you were stuck at work and really loves your kids, reward her.

Another guide book suggested a round trip ticket home if she lives far away with some time off and she would come back refreshed and ready to handle a long cold New England winter indoors with your kids. Now we just have to figure out who is going to give you two weeks off with round trip tickets somewhere so you can rejuvenate!

Trash Collector: Living where I do we take our trash to the transfer station, formerly known as the dump, and I have even volunteered at the recycling area. No one has ever offered me a tip, not even hot coffee on a cold morning. So, I know that trash pickup is a great service. So if your cans are always upright and in your driveway and not rolling down the street maybe you’ll want to slip the guys a tip. The guidebooks suggest $15 to $30 per person on the truck. Now the trick will be how to get it to them!

Doormen: If you live in an apartment complex and you rely heavily on the doormen for service you should tip accordingly. The books suggest $25 to $100. From experience, I know my daughter tipped more while in NY. I also know that the doorman timed her morning runs and knew where she was running. I even wanted to tip him. Also on your list may be the superintendent and handyman in your building if they helped you throughout the year.

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