Year End: Christmas Day

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Merry Christmas!

Some of you are not celebrating Christmas today and you are having a quiet day or you may be working. Many of my Jewish friends volunteer to work Christmas so that Christians can celebrate. And some of you may be heading out to a Chinese restaurant or a movie.

Two great movies to catch today would be The Post with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks or Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The ending of the first you already know and the ending of the second you have been asked not to disclose.

We often forget as we sit around our tree opening gifts that many folks are working today. WBZ is filled with folks as are the TV stations reporting on the news of the day. Newspapers, Hospitals, police and fire, even the school janitors who are in checking the furnace, some stores, restaurants and hotels.  Many of these folks waiting to celebrate Christmas tonight or tomorrow.  

But for many of you, you are looking at a bit of mayhem. The presents have been opened, some of the toys already broken, and the trash bags parked by the back door. The smallest of the clan are playing with the boxes and ignoring the expensive educational toys.

And the piles of loot are stacked by the tree. One of those piles is of stuff that needs returning. If the recipient wants to return the item and get something else, give them the receipt.

Most stores offered gift receipts that you could stick in with the gifts. But if you didn’t get one try to find the original receipt.

The store policy is to give a refund at the lowest sale price if there is no sales slip. And that is a fair policy. I don’t find any fault with that.

The receipts will also give you an idea just how much you actually spent on Christmas. So you may want to spend a few minutes tallying it all up, not today, tomorrow will do and perhaps setting up a budget for next year.

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