WATCH: Carving New England Aquarium's Blue Lobster Ice Sculpture

Carving The Giant Blue Lobster At New England Aquarium

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- The New England Aquarium has many incredible creatures swimming around in tanks--but this week, they are joined outside by a cold crustacean.

A ten-foot ice sculpture of a blue lobster currently greets aquarium visitors as they come up the plaza to its entrance.

"We have an ice sculpture every school vacation week at the holidays," New England Aquarium spokesperson Tony LaCasse told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

The sculpture, which weighs a few tons and is made completely of ice, was put together by Don Chapelle at Brilliant Ice Sculptures. The company has worked with the aquarium for a decade.

Chapelle sculpted the basic body of the lobster over the course of a few days in a giant freezer on his premesis.

'Then they bring it on-site, and they take the better part of a day setting it up and also just doing all the really fine-detailed work that really makes his work exceptional," LaCasse said.

Last year, the aquarium had to postpone their sculpture--an octopus in an orange-brown color--because the temperature during Christmas week hovered around the low 50s.

With the cold snap here to stay, that shouldn't be a problem this year.

"We're pretty excited about the weather, because we usually have to watch the temperature at this time of year going up and down, but not this year," LaCasse said.

He's hoping the sculpture will last well into January.

"We won't take him down until he's not looking like a blue lobster anymore," he said.

That's a color that an estimated one in five million lobsters actually wear in the wild.

"Some of them will just be a mottled, sort of black and navy blue, and some of them are a brilliant cobalt blue," LaCasse said. "This guy is a little similar to the latter ... I know that Don was fussing about this in terms of getting the color just right. They do use dyes, and he was adding this to his ice about a week ago."

The lobster is just one of many ice sculptures that will be on display to the public up and down the waterfront in preparation for New Year's Eve festivities.

View photos of the Lobster here:

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