WBZ Cares: Franciscan Children's Focuses On The Personal Approach

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Each month, "WBZ Cares" highlights a worthy non-profit organization, and tells the story of what that organization does for the community. This month WBZ is profiling Franciscan Children's in Brighton, serving children and adolescents with complex medical, mental health, and educational needs.  

Kate Maffa's two adopted children suffered from educational, behavioral, and emotional challenges once they reached school age, but Kate says they found help for dealing with those challenges at Franciscan children's.

"One thing was, the level of respect that I received as a parent, the level of respect the children received for the first time," Maffa said.

Her kids were getting assistance they couldn't get anywhere else.

"The tremendous support and regard for all of us. It was the first place that I felt we were being looked at as a whole family," she said.

Franciscan Children's President and CEO John Nash tells us one important reason for their success.

"We have to be positive for these kids. And the positive nature of our staff, and of the type of care we deliver, and positive program we can bring to parents and families and siblings," he said.

Nash praises those who help kids meet their challenges every day at Franciscan Children's.

"You know it takes a special type of staff member to work with these children, who are going to be here for a long period of time. You have to have empathy, but you also have to have a need to begin to understand the parental issues as well too," he said.

He talks about the personal approach they take in helping kids and their families.

"So we get to know the families, we get to know the siblings, we get to know the child themselves, and they become part of an overall family for a lot of our staff nurses here. You know its really a special place," he said.

For more information about Franciscan Children's, go to franciscanchildrens.org or visit the WBZ Cares page during the month of December.

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Doug Cope Reports

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