Patriots Team, Fans Gearing Up For Frigid Season Finale

FOXBORO (WBZ-AM) -- The New England Patriots held practice outside at Gillette Stadium Friday, just days before they play their regular-season finale against the New York Jets in anticipated frigid weather.

At a press conference Friday morning, Head Coach Bill Belichick told WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kim Tunnicliffe he isn't too worried about Sunday's expected below-zero wind chill.

"We'll see what we get," he said. "I'm not basing too much on what the weather is two days before the game."

When asked if he's taking any extra measures to keep players safe during the bone-chilling cold, Belichick was, as always, a master of the obvious.

"There's nothing more important than the health and safety of our team, so we always take that into consideration," he said. "Can't play football without football players."

Wearing his signature winter Patriots cap, quarterback Tom Brady spoke to the media, saying he hoped the team holding practice in the bitter cold would help to give them an edge over the Jets.

"I think the key is us practicing out there and we've been out there every day this week," he said. "Just getting used to the climate and understanding the challenges it presents in this stadium, I mean, it's cold for everybody, it's cold for the fans, cold for the players, coaches. Whoever deals with it best is going to win."

He said that, despite the temperatures, he likely won't use a glove on his throwing hand Sunday.

The team will be handing out 65,000 hand warmers at the game--and they're also allowing blankets at the stadium. Blankets that are brought in can also be donated to the Pine Street Inn. 

Fans going to Sunday's game were flocking to the Pro Shop at Patriots Place, stocking up on hats, coats, mittens, gloves, and anything else they could use to keep warm.

A few fans said they would brave the cold for their beloved team.

"A little nervous, but I think we're pretty prepared, going to stock up, layer up," one woman said. 

Sue Bock from Worcester said that, as much as she loves the team, she can't sit out in the cold for hours.

"I'd rather watch on TV by the fire," she said. "Much more comfortable!"

Ken Mullen, visiting from Florida, said he had a trick to brave the wind chill.

"A little bourbon in my back pocket will take care of everything," he said.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kim Tunnicliffe reports

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