NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for January 15, 2018

Dan Rea

Celebrities Becoming President  Since Donald Trump has broken the tradition of becoming President with no political experience, celebrity names such as Oprah and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have been tossed around as potential candidates to run against “The Donald” in 2020. The presidential role is demanding and requires knowledge of policy amongst a host of other tangible factors. Would you be concerned with a celebrity becoming the next president that also lacked political experience? Call in at 617-254-1030 with your take and be heard!

Economist John Lott Checks In!  John Lott is a Ph.D. economist and political commentator who wrote the seminal book More Guns, Less Crime. John’s theory is that an infusion of illegal immigrants has an adverse effect on Americans that are on the lower end of the economic ladder. Dr. Lott is big on using statistics to back his argument and will illustrate the strong correlation of undocumented immigrants being young convicted criminals. What are your thoughts on the impact of undocumented immigrants and the crime rate in the U.S.? Call in and add your voice to the mix!

The Hawaii Missile Scare!  This past Saturday, residents and tourists of Hawaii had the scare of a lifetime when they received warnings of an incoming ballistic missile on their phones, broadcast TV/radio and the PA system. An employee of HEMA accidentally sent out the missile warning that lasted close to 40 minutes before they announced that it was a mistake. How would have you responded to an emergency missile alert like this? Does this screw-up change your attitude politically? Should there be more urgency to make a deal with North Korea? Call in with your views and join the conversation!

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