Police Return To Scene Of 2017 Peabody Double Murder

PEABODY (WBZ-AM) -- A little less than a year ago, Jennifer O'Connor and her fiancee, Mark Greenlaw, were found dead in their Farm Avenue home.

Now, police are back at the scene of the murder in Peabody, digging through the property with a backhoe.

Stanley Pikul, who lives next door, said the activity just opens up old wounds.

"It's a continuing nightmare for myself and my family to have this still going on," he said. "Eleven months after the fact, it's still going on."

There's no word yet on what triggered the activity or what authorities are digging for, but Pikul said it may be related to environmental concerns on the very-cluttered property.

"If something additional were to come out of this double murder from last February ... I just wouldn't be able to believe it," he said. "It'd just be another wild twist to this."

Two people were arrested in the case. One of them, Michael Hebb, pleaded guilty to arson and accessory after the fact.

The other, Wes Doughty, is charged with murder.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens reports

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