NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown 1/28/18

Dan Rea

Choosing Schools!  This week is National School Choice Week, which helps parents choose the right schools and learning environments for their children. Tonight, we have two special guests on both sides of the spectrum to engage in a friendly discussion on what they think the best options are. Boston Teachers Union President Jessica Tang and Pioneer Institute Senior Fellow Cara Candal will join Dan in studio to weigh out the merits of public schools to charter schools. Call in with your questions and comments at 617-254-1030 to join the conversation!

Are You Benefiting from Trump’s Tax Breaks?  President Trump gave a speech today in Davos that touted the US economy and encouraged countries to invest in the US at such an opportune time. He was especially proud of the tax reform and how it helped businesses shell out more bonuses to their employees. Have you received any benefits from the tax break trickle effect? Do you credit President Trump for the market’s upswing? Call in with your take and be heard!

Brushes with Celebrities!  You’ve waited long enough, now here’s your chance to share your stories with NightSide Nation. Call in and tell us the details of your celebrity encounters!

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