Quincy Opposes New Bridge to Long Island

QUINCY, MA (WBZ-AM) --  There's nothing left of the old Long Island Bridge that goes from Squantum in Quincy, to Boston's Long Island, except pilings in the water.

 It was torn down in 2015 because it was falling apart. Now, the City of Boston wants to build a new bridge, which Quincy officials oppose. Quincy City councilor William Harris says it'll be too expensive.

"All that money that would be spend for one bridge and you could probably fix all the bridges in the city. and I believe there are 44 bridges that could use some work in the greater Boston area ," Harris said.

He feels ferry service would be a better alternative. He'd also like to see a feasibility study done of the options.

"A lot of transportation is economically feasible also environmental too," he said.

The old bridge to the island closed in October of 2014, when it was deemed unsafe by the Commonwealth Department of Transportation forcing the closure of the homeless shelter, hospital facility and summer camp there. The bridge was demolished the following year.

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Doug Cope reports.

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