WATCH: State Trooper Rescues Owl That Flies Into Cruiser

TOLAND, MA (WBZ-AM) — An owl made quite an entrance startling a State Trooper on Sunday.

In a video posted to their facebook page by Massachusetts State Police shows the owl rescued by a State Trooper Michael O'Neil Jr,

According to State Police, Trooper O'Neil Jr,  was startled by an owl flying into the side of his cruiser as he traveled through Toland. 

The owl was unconscious and O'Neil, not seeing any visible injuries decided to decided to drive to the nearest animal hospital for further evaluation -- on his lap.

Eventually, the Owl came to and started a brief struggle inside cruiser with O'Neil as seen in the video above.

Trooper O’Neil gave the owl five concussion protocol tests, which it passed and nicknamed it Gronk and eventually released it back into the wild.

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