Joe Theismann On Tom Brady: 'He's The Greatest Ever'

Joe Theismann. (Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

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MINNEAPOLIS (WBZ-AM) -- WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Adam Kaufman caught up with NFL great Joe Theismann ahead of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, where Theismann said Tom Brady is "the greatest ever" to play quarterback in the league.

He was baffled by Brady's ability to stay healthy for so long.

"He's a genetic freak of nature," Theismann said. "He takes care of himself but, his body, other than one season, hasn't betrayed him."

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Brady can still throw as well as he could 5-6 years ago.

"The one thing you see in a lot of guys, you start to lose the velocity on the throws," he said. "You can't get the ball to where you want it to go. Your mind can see it, your mind's eye tells you where you want it to go, but the arm just can't complement it. In Tom's case, he can ... There's been no drop-off as far as that goes."

He says fans should just appreciate getting to watch Brady on his run--and he had a message for the Patriots haters out there.

"Tough," he told them. "I say to everybody who's tired of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots being here, if you don't want 'em here, beat 'em."

Kaufman and Theismann also talked about how long Brady might play in the league, as well as what his lasting legacy will be.

Listen to Adam's full interview with Theismann below:

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