'Tom Vs Time' Director On Unfiltered Access To Tom Brady

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MINNEAPOLIS (WBZ-AM) -- The "Tom vs Time" Facebook Watch documentary has allowed fans a rare, intimate look into the personal life of Tom Brady--and Patriots fans have been eating it up.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Adam Kaufman caught up with the project's director/writer/producer, Gotham Chopra, to talk about what it's like to tell Tom's story.

"I feel a sense of responsibility, because his story on the field is so amazing, but as I've gotten to know him off the field, there's more amazingness there, and a lot of trust," Chopra said.

Watch 'Tom vs Time' Episode 4 - Thumbnail Image

Watch 'Tom vs Time' Episode 4

So how involved is Tom in the process?

"This is a partnership," Chopra said. "I'm his creative collaborator ... I don't ask Tom to do anything other than what he does, and I just want to observe it. And then occasionally, we'll have a conversation. The car is a convenient place to do it, because it's 45 minutes between his home and the facility."

To hear more about how Chopra and Brady met, some of the more awkward moments of filming, and more, listen to the full interview below.

A sixth episode will come out after the Super Bowl. 

Listen to Adam's full interview with director/writer/producer Gotham Chopra:

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