Boston Comedian Talks Becoming Sports Icon 'Fitzy'

Every Bostonian needs an inner sports ‘fanimal,’ says comedian Nick Stevens. His ‘fanimal’ ‘Fitzy’ just happened to make him famous.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Adam Kaufman caught up with Boston-area comedian Nick Stevens, also known as Paul ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, in Minneapolis ahead of Super Bowl 52.

If you’re a Boston sports fan and have access to the Internet, chances are you’re familiar with the foul-mouthed, mega-fan character that Stevens created. For that, he considers himself very fortunate. But, just how close is ‘Fitzy’ to the man that created him?

“I feel like I need to make my own little mini docuseries called ‘Nick Versus Fitzy,'" Stevens said, in reference to the wildly-popular docuseries "Tom Versus Time." My life now, at this point, is such a split between the two of them.”

The lines between the two have since blurred over time, though, Stevens admits.

“It used to be ‘Fitzy’ was just a character, a persona I would put on stage, doing stand-up comedy and other broadcasts and it was a clear delineation between the two – between me and ‘Fitzy’ – even though Fitzy is a tribute to every foul-mouthed guy that I sat behind growing up, going to games in Foxborough and Fenway. Now, I think we, basically, just share the same skin.”  

“I’m Dr. Jekyll, ‘Fitzy’ is my [Mr.] Hyde. I’m Bruce Banner, ‘Fitzy’ is the Hulk,” Stevens said of the symbiotic relationship.

‘Fitzy’ doesn’t just provide Stevens with part of his livelihood, though. The comedian also said there’s a cathartic side to expressing himself through the character.

“I think it’s actually kind of therapeutic. Everybody needs to have their inner ‘fanimal’ to control and release.”

So, what the Patriots themselves think of ‘Fitzy’?

“They’re a fan,” Stevens said of the organization’s feelings towards his creation. “Hey, they brought him on board! They dig it because they know it’s like a voice of the fans. Fans are rowdy. Fans are spirited. Fans have lots of Patriots passion. I could clean the language up a little bit, sometimes, but, hey, listen - it all comes from a place of passion.”

As for Fitzy’s prediction for Super Bowl 52? He said, definitively, that Tom Brady will be the first 40-year-old quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

Here’s the full interview:

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