Malcolm Butler Issues Statement On Being Sidelined At Super Bowl

BOSTON, MA  (WBZ-AM) -- After days of speculation as to why Malcolm Butler,  didn't play on defense during the Super Bowl on Sunday, we're getting some answers from the New England Patriots corner back himself.

Butler, the star of Super Bowl XLIX, was in on just one play this past Sunday 41-33 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, prompting a lot of speculation.

In a statement posted on his Twitter account on Tuesday, Butler thanked Robert Kraft, The Kraft family, and his teammates.

He also denied allegations that he attended a concert, missed curfew, or "participated in any of the ridiculous activities being reported," that may have prompted Coach Bill Belichick to keep him off the field.

He calls the allegations not only false -- but hurtful to himself and his family.

Butler also apologized for using foul language immediatly at the end of the Super Bowl "

"It was out of character for me and my character, and heart with Gods' help is what got me to where I am today," he said.

He added he wished he could have contributed more during Sunday's game, but that it's now time to move forward and prepare for next season.

He concludes by saying "I can't wait for the 2018 season to get here. I will be ready."

Tom Brady also made a comment in support on Butler's Instagram page saying "Love you Malcolm, you are an incredible player and teammate and friend, always!!!!!!"

Tom Brady Comments on Malcolm Butler's Instagram

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