NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for 2/9/18

Dan Rea

Lotto Winners Anonymous!  Recently, a New Hampshire woman won a $560 million jackpot, but she has yet to claim her ticket. The reason for this is because she already signed her name on the ticket and wants to remain anonymous. New Hampshire’s lottery rules require a winner’s name to be made public. New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre said “state statues and lottery rules clearly dictate protocols.” If you won a huge jackpot, would you want to remain anonymous, too? Should she have the right to remain anonymous? Call in at 617-254-1030 and let us know where you stand on this issue!

Moving Out of Massachusetts?  Bay Area residents are moving out in droves, at its highest clip in a decade due to the exorbitant costs of living. That brings us to look at our own backyard of expensive cities in Massachusetts that rank high on national lists. If you’re not making it in Massachusetts, are you planning to move out? Call in with your take and be heard!

Flu Precautions at Church! The 2018 flu epidemic continues and some will try to avoid crowds and interactions. Will that concern impact church attendance as the Catholic Church considers some temporary changes during Mass? Call in with your thoughts and join the conversation!

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