NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for 2/26/18

Dan Rea

State Treasurer Deb Goldberg In Studio!  Massachusetts State Treasurer Goldberg joins Dan to take your calls and answer your questions. Any questions about the state lottery, state regulations, abandoned property, and marijuana legalization are encouraged. Call in with your comments and questions at 617-254-1030 and join the conversation!

Where Does the Buck Stop?  Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has been under fire for his department’s handling of the Florida school massacre. In yesterday’s interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, he boldly stated that he has provided “amazing leadership” to Tapper’s disbelief.  Should Sheriff Israel turn in his badge and resign? Call in with your take and be heard!

Are You Ever Really Safe?  This past weekend, Jeffrey Yao stabbed Deane Stryker to death at the Winchester Public Library with a ten inch hunting knife in what authorities say was an unprovoked attack. The randomness of this crime raises questions on how we in society are dealing with serious mental disorders. Yao’s neighbors had reported him to the police for past disturbances and he was on the police’s watch list. How can the police better handle “ticking time bomb” perpetrators they’ve been made aware of? Or, is everyone simply at risk? Do we need to reexamine our mental health laws and mental health treatment programs? Call in with your thoughts on this matter.

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