Sen. Warren Says Gun Control Doesn't Mean Violating 2nd Amendment

HOLDEN (WBZ-AM) -- At a town hall at Wachusett Regional High School Sunday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for sensible gun safety measures--and said she believed they could be done without violating the second amendment.

"We could do more robust background checks so that people who shouldn't have guns don't get access to those guns so easily," she said. "We could ban assault weapons. We could keep 18-year-olds from buying assault weapons." 

"We could say that those on the terrorist watch list pose too big a danger--no fly, no buy," she continued. "We could support more research by the CDC and others to look into what changes actually reduce gun violence."

Sen. Markey, Gun Safety Advocates Call For 'Common Sense' Regulation - Thumbnail Image

Sen. Markey, Gun Safety Advocates Call For 'Common Sense' Regulation

Sen. Warren, who is running for re-election, said she wants young people to raise their voices--telling the large crowd that students in Florida have shown that teenagers can lead the way.

"I hope to see every young person in Massachusetts in the gun debate," she said. "It matters. It matters to all our lives."

She said the gun debate isn't just about mass shootings in schools, but about shootings every day that don't get the same type of headlines--and said everyone has a moral responsibility to stop it.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Ben Parker reports

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