NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for 3/9/18

Dan Rea

Change Yawkey Way?  Red Sox owner John Henry has publicly petitioned the city of Boston to change the name of Yawkey Way, which stemmed from the controversy over former Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey. The recent movement of inclusion caused a stir over Yawkey Way being divisive and shed light on the Red Sox being the last team to integrate black athletes. Joining Dan is Pastor Ray Hammond, who is a board member of the Yawkey Foundation, to offer his take on why there shouldn’t be a change. Should we change Yawkey Way to its original name? Call in with your take at 617-254-1030 and tell us where you stand!

Stifling Free-Speech at Campus?  Free-speech debates at colleges across the country have been returning at a high clip due to the charged political climate, and with that lies the rub on how to handle politically incorrect subject matter. University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax joins Dan to address this sticky issue on college campuses. How can we deem what’s too divisive and politically incorrect? Call in and join the conversation!

The North Korea Meeting!  Some people aren’t too thrilled about President Trump agreeing to meet with Kim Jong Un. The contentious relations between the U.S. and North Korea have many skeptical of a beneficial outcome from the potential meeting. Joining Dan to discuss this matter is Forbes columnist Claudia Rosett. Is everyone on board with the meeting, or is it a Summit Scam by North Korea? Call in with your thoughts and be heard!

What Grinds Your Gears?  The wait is over and we return with a listener’s classic! From the recent storms to gridlock traffic, call in to tell us what’s grinded your gears lately!

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