NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for 3/16/18

Dan Rea

Children’s Choice!  Delaware may soon pass a rule that will allow children to choose their own race and gender without their parents’ consent. Transgender activists naturally support this rule while many Delaware citizens oppose it. Joining Dan to weigh in on this topic is Delaware Representative Rich Collins. Do you support this rule or are you against it? Call in with your comments and questions and be heard!

Trump’s Opioid Plan  President Trump will visit New Hampshire on Monday to discuss his plan to fight opioid addiction. He has stated that he wants the “ultimate penalty,” being the death penalty, for drug dealers who sell drugs that kill people. Do you think this is a viable solution in thwarting the opioid epidemic? Is this measure too extreme? Call in and sound off!

Skip the Wait Time!  When it comes to urgent medical care, people are used to waiting months for their appointments after enduring the long process of insurance paperwork and the like. Now, there’s a better solution that streamlines patient care without the wait and hassle. Joining Dan to discuss her company’s solution to this problem is Dr. Paula Muto, a vascular surgeon. She will explain her company’s mission and answer your questions. Are you tired of the long wait time to see your specialist? Call in with your comments and questions at 617-254-1030!

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