Hundreds Turn Out For Quincy Storm Benefit Fundraiser

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QUINCY, MA (WBZ-AM) – After the recent blizzard that battered the northeast, people in the city of Quincy banded together for a benefit fundraiser to help those in need.

City Mayor Thomas Koch organized the event. “The old saying is charity starts at home – as soon as this hit, people were reaching out to us [saying] ‘how can we help, how can we help?’” Koch said.

“We decided to put together an event - Alba’s Leo Keka offered his place. So, we had about 600 people in and out and, at this point, we’ve raised between sixty and seventy thousand [dollars].”

The mayor says the community really stepped up.

“The room was just filled with positive energy,” Koch said. “People felt good about our city, our community and, certainly, those people that were wanting to do something. Then, it felt like they were part of something - to help.”

“These are the times, when you face a crisis, that you become so incredibly proud to lead this city because there’s so many incredible city employees, dedicated employees, incredible organizations and residents just step up. We’re a city of ninety-six thousand, but when you have an event like this, we feel like a small town.”

As for safety tips - when a storm hits, Koch asked the public to please abide by the parking rules.

He said most people stayed off the roads, and that made things a lot easier.

“I got more compliments about that storm, because it was curb to curb. The main reason was people stayed off the road – we could manage it.”

You can donate to the fund by sending checks made out to “Quincy Storm Relief Fund” to:

Eastern Bank

34 Chapman St.

Quincy, MA 02170

All of the money raised through the benefit and the fund will go to people affected by the storm. Anyone who needs assistance can call Quincy Community Action Programs at 617-657-5320 and set up an appointment.

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